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Theatre for Young Audiences & Young Performers

A Warmer World


A versatile play that explores the climate and biodiversity crisis through monologues and short scenes.

The writing of "A Warmer World" is supported by the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council.

Poster for the stage play The Knight's Errand, featuring a cartoon drawing of a red dragon and sword stuck in the ground.

The Knight's Errand

One-act children's play, 4-5 performers

King Arthur, Lancelot, and Percival recount the story of Ferldamed, a lesser-known knight of The Round Table who must overcome his fear of the dark and his general lack of knightly skills both to fulfill a simple errand and to save his friends from a fearsome foe.

A rhyming play.

Sunset over Poppy Field
Failing Hands

Theatre for Young Audiences, 3W/1M


One of three winners in Storybook Theatre's National TYA Playwriting Competition. 

One-Minute Plays 

Written and performed for the Gone in Sixty Seconds (Gi60) NextGen Festival in New York. 

  • One Artificial Life to Live

  • Pages Turning

  • See Me

  • Earth Day

Attending the Storm

10 min, 1M/1W

In 1850's Mimico Ontario, eleven-year old Janice and her father learn the power of nature and poetry. Written in under 24 hours for Write Local Play Global's annual "Play in a Day" challenge. 

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