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As with my stage plays, most of my short stories and comic scripts are either speculative or nature-connected or a little of both.

Some of my short stories are available on Wattpad, an online community for writers and readers. Follow the links below to read my stories on Wattpad, or create a free account to follow, like, leave comments, and even share your own writing.

Mission Unicorn


There are dark secrets in the forest; why does a unicorn-obsessed three-year-old seem to have the answers?

Read along on Wattpad

Scott Bakula Will Save Us All: A Collection of Very Short Fiction

Flash fiction, ongoing

Read on Wattpad

Osgoode As Gold Cover - Irma
The Goosefighter

Short Comic, written by Marilyn Anne Campbell with art by Austen Payne

A girl, a goose, and a job on the line. This campus ain't big enough for the both of them.

A classic Western showdown meets nature connection in this short story for the Toronto Comics Anthology.

Downtime After Destiny.jpg
In the Downtime After Destiny

Short story

Serenity, like doughnut freshness, cannot last. Rita and Jerome are master moochers and their soon-to-be-former best friend Kelly is running out of patience. Then Rita has a brush with death and learns a secret of existence that could change everything.

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Model Citizen cover - large.jpg
Model Citizen

Short story

All Scotty wanted was a job at the mall. How did he get stuck leading the resistance against alien invaders?

Model Citizen was first published in the YA speculative fiction magazine "Inaccurate Realities, Volume One: Fear"

Read on Wattpad

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