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Favourite Plays and Playwrights

Into by Dave Carley

I've never seen a single Dave Carley play staged, but I bought a book containing three of his plays on a whim. Ever since then "Into" has been one of my favourite plays and Dave Carley one of my favourite playwrights.


Halo by Josh MacDonald

Just like "Into", I've never seen "Halo" staged, but instead bought the book while browsing one day. Frankly, any plot involving a Tim Hortons coffee shop and a possible miracle is enough to catch my eye. In this case, what I found in those pages did not disappoint.


Raised in Captivity by Nicky Silver

After seeing a student production of this at York University I quickly bought myself a copy of the script. Something about the theme of the story and the strangeness of the telling grabbed me. I also love to use characters who are present on the stage without being present in the reality of the scene, which Silver makes great use of a letter-writing prisoner.


Picasso at the Lapin Agile by Steve Martin

I love smart, funny and strange and Steve Martin is a master.


Urinetown by Greg Kotis (Book and Lyrics) and Mark Hollmann (Music and Lyrics)

This was on one summer that I worked as an usher at a Toronto theatre. I must have seen that production fifty times, yet I still grinned like an idiot during every show.


Les Miserables by Alain Boubil (Conception, Book and Original French Lyrics), Claude-Michel Schonberg (Music and Book), and Herbert Kretzmer (Lyrics)

Seeing this show as a kid put me over the edge. Pre-Les Miz I liked theatre. Post-Les Miz theatre was an essential part of living.


Mary's Wedding by Stephen Massicotte 

I'd never heard of this play before I came across it in the collection Canada and the Theatre of War: Volume 1.  I don't usually cry when I'm just reading a play, but this one got me. And not because of a single sad moment, but because the whole of the thing was so beautiful.


Chris Craddock

Reading the three plays in his collection Naked at School made me a fan.

Finegan Kruckemeyer 

So unique. So magical.


Tom Stoppard

Because, Tom Stoppard. 

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