The New X-Files: Marilyn & Steve Spot the Stoner

Saturday January 30, 2016

I have below-average facial recognition skills. Frequently Steve and I will be watching TV and Steve will say "Look who it is!" and I will look, and look, and finally say "Who is it?" because I have no idea. That's not what this post is about, but it's helpful to know for this story...

When the new X-Files was about to start, the Space Channel aired a best-of marathon over two days. We watched it on and off, sharing X-Files memories, and at some point on that first day I remembered hearing that Canadian Tyler Labine, who has been one of my favourite actors since Dead Last, appeared in not one but two X-Files episodes as "Stoner."

I went on IMDB to confirm and there it was in Labine's credits - bit parts in Quagmire and War of the Coprophages. I excitedly blurted my trivia to Steve, hoping that we'd catch a glimpse of Labine in the marathon.

"Hope he shows up in the new one," said Steve.

"Oh, that would be sooo good. There's no way, there's no way, but, oh, if they did..." said I.

So tonight, this trailer came on, and I yelped, and bounced up in my seat and upset the cats.

"Didn't you see him?!"  I said.

Steve hadn't, but I did.

Oh I did.

"It's like you have Tyler Labine radar," said Steve.

As if this could get any better, the internet says that the woman in that shot with him is Nicole Parker-Smith, who appeared in those same original episodes as Labine's co-stoner, and the two are actually reprising those roles.

The silly X-Files episodes have always been my favourite, and now it looks like Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster is giving us the gift of more silly AND more Labine.

I don't know how everyone else is feeling about the new episodes, but this right here is more than I ever hoped for.

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Wait, What's a Tumblr?

Sunday August 16, 2015

I stumbled into a Tumblr account last week.

It started because I learned that a friend had a Tumblr and I wanted to be able to follow her posts easily, so I created what I thought would be a reading-only account. That lasted all of a day, right until I realized how easy it was to hit the "Reblog" button.

Although I've been terribly lax of late when it comes to writing on this blog, I still intend this space to be my primary spot for proper posts. But for the easy sharing of photos and articles and other things I find interesting, I'll try adding Tumblr to my Twitter and Facebook Page repertoire for awhile. I have no idea how much I'll like it or how long it will last (and really no idea how Tumblr works yet, frankly) but if you'd like to follow and see what happens I'll be at

Are you on Tumblr? Share your link in the comments!

(And please tell me any tips you have on the etiquette of how it works. Seriously. So far it is a vast and confusing land of little hearts and twirly arrows and notes that aren't comments and "Sources" that aren't accurate and pirated photos and what am I missing with these tags that don't accomplish anything but also aren't comedy or commentary? Anyone?)

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Universal Language

by Marilyn Anne Campbell

Stage play: Sci-fi comedy, one-act, 2W/2M/1 either
When low-level staff at an interstellar supply station find themselves on the frontlines of alien contact, workplace dissatisfaction could lead to an inter-species incident. 
First Production:

Universal Language premiered in August 2015 at Otherworld Theatre's first Paragon: A Sci-Fi and Fantasy Play Festival in Chicago Illinois. Taking place at the The Public House Theatre, Paragon presented 40 short plays in 2 days. (Performance date: August 23rd)

Directed by Lauren Fields
Literary Manager / Festival Programmer: Elliott Sowards


Chloe Baldwin as Zapanta
D. Matthew Beyer as Montis
William Delforge as Stanton
Maureen Mizener as the Regional Manager
Claire Allegra Taylor as the Assistant / Alien


A Little History

Universal Language was written the first time I participated in a 24-Hour Playwriting Contest. It was for the 2009 Toronto Fringe Festival, and participants were given four things that had to be included in the final script: a pas-de-deux, a border dispute, third base, and the phrase “the economy is the secret police of your desires”.

I didn't win the contest - I didn't even place - but I did have fun participating. Still, I thought I'd made a mistake writing a one-act sci-fi comedy, as it seemed like a stretch that anyone would ever be interested in producing it. I left it in the virtual drawer of my hard drive, gathering virtual dust.

Luckily for me the Otherworld Theatre company formed in Chicago three summers later, and three summers after that organized a new play festival looking for short science fiction for the stage. Which means the first 24 Hour Playwriting Contest I ever participated in would, six years later, lead to my first US production.

  • Premiered in Chicago, Illinois in August 2015
  • Available for future productions; contact the playwright to obtain a reading copy

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