Saving Spike

by Marilyn Anne Campbell

Stage play: Comedy, one-minute, 3 performers
A young adult is home after dropping out of college, but while they were away did their parents drop the ball?

First Production: 

"Saving Spike" was written for Gi60: the One Minute Play Festival and was performed June 8-10, 2017 at Brooklyn College in Brooklyn, New York. Gi60 (Gone in 60 Seconds) is an annual, international festival that was started in the UK by Steve Ansell. All performances of Gi60 US 2017 were broadcast live and archived on YouTube.

Directed by Michael Colby Jones
US Festival Director: Rose Burnett Bonczek

Sabrina Cataudella as Mom
Ahsan Ali as Kid
Jay Nickerson as Dad

Read the full script (PDF)

  • Premiered in Brooklyn, New York in June 2017
  • Available for future productions. In most cases, performance rights will be available royalty-free. Contact the playwright to inquire.
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