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The Knight's Errand
Theatre for Young Audiences (Excerpt)
King Arthur, Lancelot, and Percival recount the story of Ferldamed, a lesser-known knight of The Round Table who must overcome his fear of the dark and his general lack of knightly skills both to fulfill a simple errand and to save his friends from a fearsome foe.
A rhyming play.
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Model Citizen
YA Speculative Fiction; short story
Scotty just wanted a job at the mall, not to lead the resistance. First published in the YA speculative fiction magazine Inaccurate Realities, Vol. One: Fear (October 22nd, 2013)
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In the Downtime After Destiny
Humour; short story
Serenity, like doughnut freshness, cannot last. Rita and Jerome are master moochers and their soon-to-be-former friend Kelly is running out of patience. Then Rita has a brush with death and learns a secret of existence that could change everything.
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Attending the Storm
Theatre for Young Audiences; 10 minute play
In 1850 Mimico, eleven-year old Janice and her father learn the power of nature and poetry. Written in under 24 hours for Write Local Play Global's annual "Play in a Day" challenge.
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Marks of Birth
Dramedy; One-act stage play (Excerpt)
With less than an hour until a gaggle of teenagers arrive for a backyard barbecue, mother Lorraine and daughter Sasha have very different ideas about what makes for a great eighteenth birthday party. Sasha’s almost willing to compromise, until Lorraine reveals her plan to dig up the past... literally.
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All the Light-Hearted Souls
Drama; 10-minute stage play
After an on-the-job accident, Alex is confronted by a man acting as a gatekeeper between life and death. Alex has always taken a casual approach to life, but this time the road won't be as easy.
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Longing for Nostalgia
Stylized comedy; One-act stage play (Excerpt)
When Brian and Tasha learn their brother Corey has been killed, they awkwardly reminisce about a past they remember differently. Corey meanwhile insists he isn't dead, but nobody seems to be listening.
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