Other Writing

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  • The Goosefighter is now available in the Volume 5 of the Toronto Comics Anthology series, Osgoode as Gold.

Short Stories
Kid's Magazines
  • Pet Horoscope: Rats in Zamoof!'s Super Summer issue, 2015.

  • Untitled Middle-grade sci-fi adventure novel (which is where the space goat floating up at the top of this blog comes from, as drawn by Steve!).
  • A novel about pirates, language, birds, and extinction (but not at all like the Aardman movie, no matter how much that summary makes them sound similar). First draft completed as part of the 2013 3-Day Novel Contest.


Available Screenplays
  • False Fire (Feature-length, Crime/Noir adapted from William Shakespeare's Hamlet)
Short Videos
Works in Progress
  • A feature-length documentary about the experiences that keep people connected to music throughout their lives
  • Screenplay for a family time travel feature set in Eastern Canada
  • Screenplay for an animated feature about young dragons out to "earn their wings"


I wrote for About.com for nearly six years and now write web copy, press releases, and more for the Humber Arboretum and for children's entertainers Sonshine and Broccoli. Learn more and read samples on my non-fiction page.