Podcast - Inside the Artist's Shanty, Episode 22

In February 2018 I had a chat about abbreviated law studies, interdisciplinary writing, professional name problems, and more with Colin Frizzell, one of the hosts of the podcast Inside the Artist's Shanty

Theatre Reviews

"The creative geniuses within (Otherworld Theatre Company) provide opportunities for masterworks like playwright Marilyn Anne Campbell’s “Universal Language”... to be enjoyed by Chicagoans of all dispositions. Campbell’s humorous romp refreshes audiences with the optimistic truth that people (and aliens) will respond well to kindness... fantastic."
Janna Lyhus on Universal Language at the Paragon Festival, August 29, 2015
"FemFest prides itself on presenting new work by Canadian Female artists each year, and Marilyn Anne Campbell is definitely a playwright I am grateful to FemFest for bringing our attention to. This is a smart and funny script, with lovely dark undertones... My only quibble is that I would like more!"
Kendra Jones on Flood Control, Friday Sept. 20, 2013

Fiction Reviews

Click below to see the latest Goodreads ratings and reviews for "Inaccurate Realities Vol. 1 - Fear,"  which includes my short story "Model Citizen".

The 3-Day Novel Contest
on CBC Canada Writes

Over the 2013 Labour Day weekend I took part in the International 3-Day Novel Contest. I was interviewed by CBC Canada Writes about the experience, both before and after the challenge: