All that I ever hope to say in books is that I love the world. 

- E.B. White, May 14, 1961

A Little Backstory

The first story I ever wrote was one of redemption and plagiarism - an illustrated tale about Care Bear spokesperson Tenderheart Beartm teaching a grumpy black bear how to love.

So, it had a happy ending.

Many years later I decided on a whim to attend Osgoode Hall Law School. However I quickly realized the study of law was teaching me how NOT to love and I promptly ran away.

So, this too had a happy ending.

And Now

Now I write stage plays and stories and miscellaneous other made-up things. I used to write just to amuse myself, and I hope that sometimes what I write still amuses, but as I've gotten older the E.B. White quote at the top of this page has come to mean more and more to me. I now suspect that my childhood love of Charlotte's Web had as much to do with the author's understanding of the world as it did with the animal characters, much like I suspect a similar underlying vision has a lot to do with my love for one of current favourite authors.

Beyond Writing

Speaking of love, there is my mother and aunt and brother and sister-in-law and nieces and nephew who give and receive much of it. Then there is Steve, the sweetheart of an actor/writer/drawer-of-awesome things who lives with me on the edge of Toronto (read his short stories in Futuredaze: An Anthology of YA Science Fiction and These Vampires Don't Sparkle).

We also share our home with three cats. Gadget is our food-obsessed, tuxedo-clad senior-with-seniority...


Youngsters Charlotte and Rubin are gentle and goofy littermates who just happen to have cerebellar hypoplasia (aka CH aka Wobbly Cat Syndrome).
Rubin and Charlotte
Gizmo was adopted from the Toronto Humane Society at the same time as Gadget - they were a bonded pair. He was a large cat with a large personality and a too-short tail. Gizmo passed away in early 2014.


When I'm not writing or otherwise fiddling about on the computer with a cat on my lap, I'm usually enjoying some good books, TV shows or movies; out birdwatching and practicing my mediocre nature photography skills; or messing about with puppets.

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