On Stretch Goals and Goose Buttons

So if you follow me on any social media, you probably already know that Volume 5 of the Toronto Comics Anthology Osgoode as Gold is currently on Kickstarter. The campaign video even includes a shout-out from co-editor Megan Purdy for the story I wrote, "The Goosefighter", which has art by Austen Payne:

"The Goosefighter" is a Western-inspired tale about a young woman whose day is ruined by a territorial Canada goose on the York University campus. It is one of 27 new Toronto-set short comics that fill the 220 full colour pages of this collection.

Cover by Irma Kniivila
As I write this, the Kickstarter is at just under $6000 raised out of an original $15,000 goal, with the rest of the month to go. I've been rather casually posting about it as a great way to support the Toronto Comix Press and the creators by pre-ordering your physical or PDF copy of the book.

But today - TODAY - they announced the stretch goals. (If you're not familiar with crowdfunding campaigns, stretch goals are an extra incentive to raise above and beyond the original target.) So what are the stretch goals for the Osgoode as Gold campaign?

If they raise $16,000, the cover text gets a Raised UV Gloss upgrade.

If they raise $17,000, all backers who've pledged $5 or more will get all of the previous anthologies as PDFs.

If they raise $18,000, all physical backers will get an adorable bookmark set.

And if they raise $19,000, all physical backers will receive a set of six character buttons designed by artist Megan Kearney.

Characters from the stories in the book.

These six characters right here:

Bottom row, middle button. Do you see it? DO YOU SEE THE ANGRY GOOSE?

19K people. 19k is the magic number for goose buttons. I believe we can do it. Like that honking V flying overhead during migration, we can go the distance.

Check out the Osgoode as Gold campaign on Kickstarter