Attending the Storm (working title)

by Marilyn Anne Campbell

Stageplay: Theatre for Young Audiences, 10 minute play, 1M/1W
It's 1850 in Mimico, Upper Canada. Eleven-year old Janice needs to memorize a play for school, but her father doesn't agree with her choice of literature. Janice's only other option is to write a poem herself, which seems like an impossible idea until help comes from the skies.

A Play in a Day

Attending the Storm was written for the 2017 "A Day, A Play" writing game hosted annually by Write Local Play Global to mark the World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People (March 20th). Participants received instructions and elements that had to be included in the morning and had 24 hours to submit what was meant to be a 500 word play. Mine ran a little long (but since there are no winners in this game, they accepted it anyway).

The Pigeons of Mimico

The theme for 2017 was "Where do I come from?" which I decided to use as a prompt to set my play close to home. Mimico, for those unfamiliar, is a neighbourhood in South Etobicoke with a name derived from an Ojibwe word meaning "place of the wild pigeons" or "abundant with wild pigeons." I don't actually live within Mimico, but I do love to bird-nerd, so the chance to have the now extinct passenger pigeon feature prominently in a play was too good to pass up. I play pretty fast and loose with history (very little time to research) but the massive flocks of pigeons were real.

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Status: I may expand this into something more. We shall see.