Results of the Storybook Theatre National TYA Playwriting Competition

Sunday August 7th, 2016

I really thought my return to the blog was going to be to share the amazing time I had visiting with the talented and welcoming people of Storybook Land Theatre in Aberdeen, South Dakota and seeing their production of The Knight's Errand. And I WILL still post about that, because it really was fantastic. But I have to interrupt my own very loose editorial calendar with some exciting news...

My long-in-development play Failing Hands was selected as one of three winners in Calgary-based StoryBook Theatre's first ever National TYA Playwriting Competition! I'll be flown out to Calgary at some point over the Labour Day weekend to spend a week with SBT staff and artists and the other two winners, Jeremy Mason and Kiel Fredrickson, as the three scripts are developed for public readings on September 9th and 10th.

The first draft of Failing Hands was supported by the Toronto Arts Council and the script has been through two different writers groups where I got some great feedback that really helped it along. But the chance to get the script into actors' hands, with a director's guidance and a dramturg's feedback is a whole different thing. Many thanks to SBT's Artistic Director JP Thibodeau and Literary Manager Caroline Russell-King for creating this new award and opportunity - I'm very excited to see what happens in September!

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