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The Knight's Errand

by Marilyn Anne Campbell

Stage play: Theatre for Young Audiences, one act, 4 performers
King Arthur, Lancelot, and Percival recount the story of Ferldamed, a lesser-known knight of The Round Table who must overcome his fear of the dark and his general lack of knightly skills both to run a simple errand and to save his friends from a fearsome foe. A rhyming play.

Read an excerpt from The Knight's Errand

The Knight's Errand premiered as an outdoor production in July 2015. Nova Scotia's Child's Play Theatre performed the show busker-style on the Halifax Waterfront.
(Performance dates: July 4, 5, 11, 12)

Directed by Carolyn Thomas
Produced by Zara Tufts

Carey Bray as Ferldameld
Dana Thompson as King Arthur
Jessica Oliver as Percival
Luciana Silvestre Fernandes as Lancelot

Other Productions:

A revised version was presented atStorybook Land Theatre in Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA, July 26, 27 & 29, 2016 (many thanks to Artistic Director Brian T. Schultz …