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Marks of Birth

by Marilyn Anne Campbell

Stage play: One-act, 2W
With less than an hour until a gaggle of teenagers arrive for a backyard barbecue, mother Lorraine and daughter Sasha have very different ideas about what makes for a great eighteenth birthday party. Sasha’s almost willing to compromise, until Lorraine reveals her plan to dig up the past.... Read an excerpt of Marks of Birth (PDF)

Full script available to NPX subscribers

Production Information: Marks of Birth premiered in March 2015 as part of The Players' Guild of Hamilton's new First Stage Series, a juried festival of new works held at the Players' Guild Theatre in Hamilton, Ontario. (Performance dates: March 5, 6, 7)

Directed by Byron McKim
Festival Artistic Producer: Stephen Near

Martha Christianson as Lorraine
Annalee Fleet as Sasha

A Little History
Marks of Birth was completed for Pat the Dog Playwright Centre's  6th Annual 24-Hour Playwriting Contest in 2014, which gave participants three prompt words to …

Video: The Shrove Tuesday Speech

Monday February 16, 2015

Enjoy your breakfast. It made the ultimate sacrifice for your syrupy pleasure.

This was created after I heard that the 2014 International Pancake Film Festival was looking for puppetry and animation films featuring pancakes. It was accepted and screened at The Brattle Theatre in Cambridge MA and the FLAT Gallery in Chicago IL. And now YouTube.

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The Other Holiday Videos This is the fourth in what seems to be turning into a series of hastily-made, holiday-themed videos to come out of our house. Previously there was:
A Geek's Thanksgiving
A Little Citrus This Christmas
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