Lessons and Photos from the Inaccurate Realities Launch Party

Sunday November 10, 2013

Yesterday was the launch party for Inaccurate Realities #1: Fear, a YA speculative fiction collection which includes my short story "Model Citizen." This was particularly neat for me, because it was a soft-landing entry into the world of book events - I didn't have to do any of the work, but I still got to show up and sign things. :)

It was a really great event, and kudos to editor Christa Seeley and assistant editors Andrea Modolo and Sara Eagleson for putting it all together. I learned a few to-do things from them, and a few not-to-dos from myself.

Here are some of the notes-to-self I've made for next time. First, from the things I could have done better:

  1. Practice signing your name beforehand.
    (Seriously. That chicken scratch was just ridiculous.)

  2. Bring a pen.
    (How did I not think of this? Luckily Steve had some at the ready.)

  3. Be on time.
    (Although I was mostly delayed by the arrival of a stray cat I'd been waiting to feed, so I can't say that I wouldn't be late for the same reason again.)

  4. Talk to more of the people you don't already know.
    (I saw author Megan Crewe, but failed to go up and start a conversation. I didn't even realize Leah Bobet was there until I saw it on Twitter after the fact, even though I pointed Above out to a friend. I'm a goof.)

  5. And some of the awesome things the IR team did:

  6. Pick a cool location. The IR launch was held at Bakka Phoenix Books, a great sci-fi and fantasy focused store in Toronto.

  7. Recruit family and friends to help.

  8. Have many delicious cupcakes on hand.

Thanks to Steve for coming and taking all of the photos below, and a special thanks to Mike Jordan for coming all the way from Mississauga!

Stumped by which page I should sign...

Amused by my inability to sign my name legibly.

Posing with the awesome editorial team - Sara Eagleson,
Andrea Modolo, and Christa Seeley.

The main attraction! (the multi-talented Sara Eagleson
also designed that fabulous cover)

Delicious cupcakes, with chocolate letters for decoration.
(I may have had two)

Me, all giddy and dorky
(sugar high from the cupcakes, no doubt).

If you'd like to get a copy of the magazine you can order a digital or paperback copy through one of the many options listed here: http://inaccuraterealities.com/2013/10/22/fear-is-here/

And if you're wondering, my shirt says "Armed with overconfidence and small screwdriver". It's a Doctor Who thing.

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