And So it Begins, With Some Headless Eyes

Sunday February 17, 2013

I'm kind of into puppets right now.

This past summer I took an Acting with Puppets workshop and, since then, I've been volunteering in schools as a puppeteer with The Concerned Kids charity (an experience I now realize I have yet to blog about -- more on that soon).

With my puppeteering skills coming along (slowly), building my own puppets seemed like the next logical step. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no "crafty" skills and am starting from scratch when it comes to things like designing, sewing, carving, painting, or even cutting and gluing, beyond what little I remember from grade school.

But I DO remember that grade school was fun.

My family helped out by loading me up with felt, yarn, foam sheets, tools, pom poms, and puppetry books at Christmas. After lots of reading and internet surfing and thinking about what would maybe-kinda-possibly work, I finally decided that the thing to do was to just start messing about and see what happened. 

Last night I messed about while we watched last week's episode of Downton Abbey, and this is what happened:

I have an idea for a character that these eyes may end up being part of, but for now, they're just an experiment in eyeballs.

There's more Downton Abbey on tonight, so who knows what new body parts the evening will bring?