Crashing Across the Finish Line for Script Frenzy 2011

Sunday May 1, 2011

Well, there it is:

I admit, it wasn't the best case scenario for a Script Frenzy "win" - one of these years I still want to start the month of April with only an idea and end it with a complete first draft of a full-length stage, screen or radio play. But for now, I'll take this - the final few pages of a previous work in progress, 70+ pages of trial and error for a one act play that will be whittled down quite a bit, and 20+ working-it-out-on-the-page pages of a new idea.

And yes, it was down to the wire. I think I started at 8am Saturday morning with over 60 pages to go, and I uploaded for verification at 11:56pm. I'm sure some of what I wrote in that time - okay, a lot of what I wrote in that time - won't be worth keeping.  But I can deal with that.

Now, if only I wrote that fast every day...

Congrats to everyone else who took part, and thanks to the Script Frenzy people for hosting the party!  (Now I shall go thank them properly by donating to the cause).