All the Light-Hearted Souls

Stageplay: Drama - one act (10min), 2M
"I never tried to help people. I never tried to make the world better. I just sat around making bad jokes and using up the air."
After an unfortunate encounter with some woodworking machinery, Alex finds himself on the threshold between life and death, challenged to justify his detached and carefree ways.
Ted Lach and Jed Tomlinson; 8-0-8 Productions, 2005
This piece was written especially for 8-0-8 Productions first collaborative show, nigh. Six scenes by six different writers were selected, each depicting an encounter between the recently deceased and a Gatekeeper standing guard over the other side.
Production Information:
  • November 2005 at the Birds and Stone Theatre in Calgary, Alberta by 8-0-8 Productions as part of the collaborative show, nigh. Directed by Meg Wilkie, starring Jed Tomlinson as the Gatekeeper and Ted Lach as Alex. ["Theatre Preview: The beginning is Nigh" by Fiona McLay, The Gauntlet; Nov. 3, 2005]
Status: Read the full script online.